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Turn you expertise into profits by offering live group training sessions.



Complement your service offering, diversify your revenue streams, and position yourself as an expert in your field.


Leverage your expertise without the need to spend the upfront hours required to produce an on-demande course.


Set up training programs for your teams centred around a dynamic and engaging format.

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Plan your sessions

Specify the date and duration of each session that composed your bootcamp

Invite participants

Your community, your clients, or your suppliers are as many people potentially interested in learning from you.

Add instructors

You are not the one providing the training? No problem, you can add other instructors.

Teach "LIVE" 🎤

Screen sharing

Don't just tell, show as well! Share your screen, or invite anyone to do so.

Breakout rooms

Create additional videoconferencing rooms on the fly for a subset of students while others stay in the main session.

Session recording

Enable people to replay a session they've missed or would like a refresher for.

Keep people engaged 🤝

Official announcements

You and the other instructors can communicate key information to students between sessions.

Dedicated channels

Use public chatrooms to keep the conversation going and allow students to exchange with one another.

User-specific notifications

Ping someone in a discussion to notify them of a message they need to pay attention to.

Need more?

We've got more 💪


Events happening on the platform can trigger notifications to your tools.

Workflow API

Your tools can programmatically trigger actions on the platform.

Attendance Report

Download detailed attendance reports to validate bootcamp completion.


Pay as you earn 🤑



$5user / month
  • Unlimited video conferencing
  • Unlimited message history
  • Detailed attendance reports
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  • Stripe fees included (~2.9%)
  • Dedicated landing page
  • Dedicated account manager
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What's a bootcamp?

A bootcamp is a program of online courses instructed live and/or composed of milestones with speakers and other students from the same cohort (also called "batch"). Bootkamps focuses on group spirit, cooperation, and support. As a result, the completion rate is much higher than regular "asynchronous" online courses.

How to become an instructor?

All you need are skills or know-how that other people want to learn. Unlike creating an asynchronous online course, launching a bootcamp requires little upstream effort. And it will always be time for you to subsequently propose an asynchronous format if the investment in time / energy has been validated by the bootcamp :)

Who should I sell to?

As with everything, it's obviously easier to get started if you already have a network or community that is interested in your skills, but you can also use the fact that you're starting a bootcamp to position yourself as a as an expert in your field.

How much can I make?

It's up to you to set your price, which will logically be based on the duration of the bootcamp, the level of support you offer between sessions, and also, your reputation. Typically the best-selling bootcamps are the ones that last 4-8 weeks and consist of a weekly session along with chat support between sessions. Their price is generally between $300 and $1,000 per student, for groups ranging from 5 to 25.

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